I am considering using a SE site as an alternative to a scientific journal publication for short results, since it has the advantage of allowing an active feedback from the community.

However, I believe it might be relevant to filter proposals by implementing a validation by administrators before publication (which is usually the role of the editor before passing the manuscript to the referees).

If I create such a site on Area 51, which settings can be chosen in terms of editorial processes ? Could such a pre-validation step be implemented ? How tunable is the power of administrators ?

Thanks :)

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Unfortunately, this isn't the purpose of a Stack Exchange site isn’t really a valid use case which we wish to pursue.

Somewhat related to this article (On proposals soliciting reviews, recommendations, comparisons, etc), Stack Exchange Q&A sites are meant to focus on a specific areas of study where folks solicit help regarding problems they encounter in their day to day work or interests.

There is no facility or notion of holding back publication pending administrator validation or passing on manuscripts for evaluation by referees or any other select group. All sites are completely open to the public for their full use and participation. We are not currently interested in re-purposing the Q&A system to host other types of content like journals or peer feedback/review.

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