A reminder: This is a proposal right now. It's not a live forum yet. in order for this proposal to move forward, we need (as of 6/6 at 12:22EDT) 28 more example questions to be upvoted 10 or more times. Be sure to sign up if you haven't already, and vote for the questions that should represent the forum.

Proposal: Mainframes

Regardless of the voting, it's pretty clear a lot of participants are new to the S/E game, and need some pointers. I'm new myself, and it takes some digging to grok the way this is all supposed to work. I am not an expert.

The proposed questions do need to be real technical questions and problems that someone would need answered to do their job (or do it better). Blue-sky, generic, and plain ol' off-the-wall questions aren't going to cut it. For this proposal to succeed, we have to prove that it will be useful to a significant community.

I paraphrased that from S/E FAQ and Help. It's my interpretation, not my opinion. And yes, it's somewhat restrictive. But, as it's a free world, S/E does what they do, and you can do what you want.

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