There are many proposals for cryptocurrencies, such as Monero. The point is, theres already a Bitcoin SE. Shouldn’t the other cryptocurrencies be combined?

By the way, there are hundreds and hundreds of different alt coins, and more in the future. If we have 100 SE sites on Cryptocurrency, shouldn’t they just be combined?

EDIT: Yup, heres even more proof. List of SE cryptocurrency sites in BETA or RELEASED:

Bitcoin SE

Ethereum SE

Monero SE

and many others. At this rate, theres going to be dozens of SE sites dedicated to Cryptocurrency...

EDIT 2: Have you even seen the hundreds of ‘blockchain’ suggestions on here? There’s so many propalsals just on this one topic...

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    So your solution to having too many cryptocurrency sites is to propose yet another one? That just made the problem worse. May 30 '18 at 11:19

I cannot say for sure that we would never merge the current (largely successful) crypto-coin sites, but at this juncture, it DOES appear that that ship has sailed.

The current crypocurrency sites (along with the up-and-coming proposals) are so successful. This is an existential problem with how we scope Stack Exchange sites versus trying to create subjects about more general topics — it is very easy to get folks charged up in support their specific interests (i.e. a product or niche subject), but when we try to expand that out to that larger scope ("all cryptocurrencies", for example), folks simply DO NOT line up to support that effort. So unless we can find that strong catalyst or leading central figure (akin to the next "Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky") heading up those efforts, there is simply no rallying call to create those sites.

Have you ever wondered why a techie-network like Stack Exchange has never been able to create a successful gadgets or consumer electronics site? If I proposed a site (for example) to support LG SIGNATURE Wallpaper TVs, I'd probably have them lining up out the door. But saying, "hey, wouldn't it be great if we had a site for all consumer electronics?", we would get a collective yawn. Such ubiquitous subjects simply do not hold that many people's interest. This has come up again and again (with an "all religions site", for example).

That's just how human nature and intrinsic motivation works.

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    In other words, people would rather feel special and have a mediocre (or worse) site.
    – Nij
    May 30 '18 at 19:45
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    And it's not the case that all cryptocurrency sites are going great, the Augur one is still very slow. But it is true and intriguing that most do seem to be doing well when separated, but the combined proposals here don't. May 31 '18 at 4:50

I think it would make sense to merged them all into a single one called "Cryptocurrencies" or even "blockchain". I dont see why this would be confusing. You can perfectly deal with bitcoin, ethereum as others with tags.

Stackoverflow works perfectly well and you have lots of different programming languages, communities, etc.


Cryptocurrencies is one thing, and BitCoin is another thing. Ethereum is one thing as well. But ALL of them together would cause havoc and confusion, as many of them have completely different use cases, programming language etc. That is my opinion. Each and every huge blockchain has its own little ecosystem of politics, governance, technology, use-cases, finance, etc.

For example with LBRY, A digital content distribution protocol: If there were questions about Monero-codebases, it would be chaotic. Or if there were questions about Ethereum smart-contracts, it would also be chaotic. The claim-system of LBRY is 100% unrelated to Monero and Ethereum.

The only thing these three have in common, is that they are cryptocurrencies which are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, and that they use blockchain technology and rely on Proof-of-work.

In my opinion, it would be like putting questions/communities of Twitter and Tesla together, just because they are assets traded on the Stock Exchange.

I think a SE-site called "Cryptocurrencies" would be more about trading, similar to if there were a SE-site called "Stocks". While these blockchain projects differentiate themselves from each other kind of like "Linux", "Windows" and "Mac". You wouldn't put all these into an SE-site called "Computer systems" would you?

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