Proposal: Stock Exchange

Would this site accommodate questions like

"I have $[amount] to invest, what stocks should I buy?"


"I own [stock], should I hold or sell it?"

No, it should not.

  1. It would make the website an attractive spam platform for pump&dump scammers
  2. The value of investment advice can only be judged in hindsight. There is no way to tell which answers are good and which are bad until it is too late.
  3. Even if we presume that it would be possible to provide unquestionably good investment advise, such advise would only be applicable for a very short amount of time. It would not lead to questions which still have value in a few months.
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    And then in some jurisdictions, it's illegal to give investment advice without being registered and accountable, so we're simply not allowed to do it at all, even if we did want to have these questions. – Nij May 25 at 22:37
  • Two people downvoted this answer. I would be curious to learn about their arguments for providing investment advise. – Philipp May 27 at 10:21
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    @Nij just because something is illegal somewhere doesn't mean it's a bad type of question. It's a bad type of question because the answers will change over time, are primarily opinion based and are prone to scams. Example: some countries forbid Winnie the Pooh and any visual representation thereof, that doesn't mean the SE sites should comply with that rule. ;) – JJJ May 30 at 3:59
  • I believe S/E voting for Questions, Answers, Comments, confuses most people because it's complex, and of course in our present twitch-culture, tl;dr applies to everything. But maybe they object to the misspelling of "advice". – Steve Smith Jun 17 at 14:05
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    If Stack Exchange was a company with presence in those countries, or if those countries had any reasonable enforceability on Stack Exchange where it actually is, you might have an argument along the lines of "stupid laws exist so legality is irrelevant". But this isn't one of those idiosyncratic statutes of silliness - prohibitions on certain types of advice are strong and widespread enough that it's got a sidebar post at every Law SE page and is one of the major closevote reasons there. "Specific unregistered financial advice" would become equivalent on any Stocks/Investment SE. @JJJ – Nij Jun 18 at 9:14

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