I was able to gain access to this group (which from the comment was supposed to be a question and discussions group (Q&D), although the commenter didn't explain what the difference is between Q&A and Q&D, perhaps someone can explain this to me as this site seems to have the same format as the other Q&A sites on the Stack Exchange Network)).

So, anyways, my question is, how can I access this site? When I type area 51 on my web browser chrome in Android all I get is this site.

Where and what do I type from the main stack exchange site URL to get here (I.e., where do I click without having to type the URL).

Also, does Area 51 Discussions also have an Area 51 Discussions Meta?


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If you are looking for the Stack Exchange network of sites, they are listed here:


Where you landed is a bit different (probably not what you want). This is where folks propose and create new Q&A sites for subjects not already covered by our network. The Discussion Zone (here) is equivalent to the meta site for Area 51. But I assume what you want is the actual Q&A sites (where you can ask and answer questions) which are listed in the link above.

Let me know if that did not answer your question. Good luck!

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  • No, it did not answer my question, I want to access this Area 51 Discussions (Area 51 Meta) site from my web browser, without using a URL (so that I can easily navigate here, and see what people are paying here). How do I do that? – Joselin Jocklingson May 24 '18 at 4:46
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    @JoselinJocklingson From the Area 51 main site, there‚Äôs a discussion link in the top menu. – Robert Cartaino May 24 '18 at 12:34

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