As explained by feetwet in other posts on this topic, at this point this proposal's history is such a joke that I don't see how we could possibly bring in an external community to satisfy the new standards. A first beta was arbitrarily closed when it would have passed later standards. Successive proposals failed to generate interest. A more coordinated (and admittedly better defined) effort seemed like it would finally take off at which point the individual in charge of this neck of the SE woods axed it with another rule change.

How could you possibly try and convince anyone that it would work this time when it's clear from the updated rules that this will almost certainly fail to meet the seven day rule and is unlikely to hit the four month deadline?

Proposal: Weapons

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    I agree it will most likely fail, however there is always the chance a large group of people flood the site to join. – x-x May 27 at 23:48

I think there might be enough people interested in this topic for a site like this to be viable. If you tried that many times before without success, then all that interest and effort might be a good reason to bother trying again.

There are many people interested in all kinds of weapons, both modern and ancient. If we manage to recruit some experts from different fields to this site, then we should be able to fare better than the previous times. If we get this running then hopefully the followers from the past attempts might join again.

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    As best as I can tell, this proposal has attracted a whole lot of negativity; half the questions are underwater, and little progress is being made. – Steve Smith Jun 13 at 15:00
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    Well, there are people who feel an universal hate to anything related to weapons and happily downvote good on-topic questions with complete disregard of merit, just to satisfy their sense of self-righteousness. This doesn't make the proposal bad. It just happens the general political attitudes of StackExchange audience is of that sort. Imagine trying to start the Bible Hermeneutics Q&A site on a board where well over half of the audience is Muslim. – SF. Jun 20 at 13:23

I think that this proposal is just too broad. Personally, I have a lot of interest in firearms, from history to practical matters of reloading and shooting. But I suspect that "Weapons" just makes people wonder what this is really about.

I suggest the creators think up a proposal that is more focused. I may try that myself.

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