I proposed a site devoted to the discussion of classical music but it got closed. I emailed the mod who closed the proposal and he suggested I post it here so you guys can weigh in.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated

Dear Robert,

While I understand your reasoning for closing my proposal for a Classical Music board, I would like to politely disagree with you and ask that it be reopened to see if there is any community interest.

While I am aware that there is currently a music board on Stack Exchange, it has very little activity relating to Classical music and is far more concentrated on modern music. While I would certainly agree that if I were to start a board specifically for pop, rock, or rap music, it would be redundant, but the fact that Classical music is very far removed from non-composition music in the way in which you analyse it's technical and emotional qualities is completely different from the way in which you would assess these same qualities in modern music. Put simply, I think that classical music is different enough from any other genre of music that it does deserve its own board.

Is it at all possible for this top be reopened? Even if just to see community response?

Thank You

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There are in fact two music sites already:

I don't see how making a third site would help. It would in fact just splinter the community even further.

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The low activity under that subject on the site where it is already on-topic only indicates how little interest the existing Stack Exchange userbase has in the subject.

If you can't see enough traffic on the tags it does exist with a foundation, and haven't brought enough community to get it going quickly, what hope is there for an entire site without any foundation?

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