Consider this Chemistry proposal. Clicking on the "most active" tab gives you a list of people who were, as the hover tooltip says, "most active on the beta site".

Now, I am not entirely sure of what all activities of the users count as "active". I am also not sure of exactly which metrics does Area 51 track from the activity of each user, and then is able to sort them into a list.

Of course, I can guess that answering and asking questions, editing posts and flagging spam are the most active things a person can do. But, a person can also upvote, downvote, and comment. Besides, I do not know the relative weightage each metric gets over the other in determining the "total activity".

I hope to get some official information regarding this.

I am new to Area 51 so please comment for clarification. Thank you!

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It looks like it's just sorted by the total number of posts that a user made:

enter image description here

The top user has 747 posts, the second had 576, the third 444, the fourth 349, the fifth 327, etc...


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