I recently asked a meta question which linked to several site proposals. One of those proposals was deleted and the meta question was also marked deleted by the Community user. Was this automatic as a consequence of the linked site being deleted?

Even without that linked site, I think the meta question is still valid and still useful for discussion.

If this auto-deletion is part of the algorithm, it provides strong incentives for people to not provide links to proposals which might be deleted in the future, during meta discussions.

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Yes, when a proposal is deleted, any discussion uniquely associated with that proposal is removed with it. In the post you linked, you cited many prior discussions, but it was linked to only one proposal (which was subsequently removed because it failed to complete the minimum submission requirements).

I understand that assuming a discussion is moot every time a proposal is deleted isn't always a valid assumption, but it's one of those Area51-is-aging problems that still solves way way more problems than it causes. Unfortunately, with further development on this site virtually non-existent, a more bullet-proof maintenance procedure isn't likely in the cards. But a deleted post isn't physically removed from our system, so if somebody would really like to recover something they wrote, I am more than happy to send them a copy of the text.

  • Hmm, I thought I'd linked to the proposals rather than just the discussions. That's why I was confused by the apparent behavior of deleting a discussion when one of nine proposals was deleted. I reposted the question without that link (which was actually as originally drafted) because I still think it's a valid discussion question; feel free to repost your answer.
    – WBT
    Jan 16, 2018 at 19:02

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