I am interested in using Zometool learning about maths and geometry. I have many questions about the system and how it works. That's why I set up this proposal, but there maybe an existing forum for the discussion of the Zome system. Is there?

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Zometool is a modeling toy used primarily to build simple or complex 3D structures, so it's conceivable that a very specific modeling "problem" using that tool could be on topic for one of our math or science sites (chemistry, biology, math, complete list of sites).

However, if you are hoping to build a site around the generic use of this one product, unless you already have access to an enthusiastic and supportive community with thousands of members (or better yet… 10s of thousands of members), it is highly unlikely that Area 51 will find that community for you. Single-product sites don't generally go very far unless that tool has become virtually ubiquitous in a professional context.

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