Not wanting to make this a political campaign, but I had a little bit of a different view from some of the things StackExchange does.

I intended to do this group, here in Area 51, I was gathering material and so on. But after I made such a group it was said (actually scrutinized) that the field of study I wanted to debate in this group was already being endorsed in another.

Well I went to check and aside from really just differentiate one field of thought from another, really not a lot is being done in terms of debating my proposal. And here is my point.

I wanted to reason with who ever closed the group I wanted to create here. Links were already out there and people were getting in. This was a way to popularize the matter. There are striking differences and I wanted to demonstrate that. But I was left with just a note that the subject was already being debated in another group (not a lie, but far from being what someone who studies IoE would expect) and no contact form. This was very frustrating.

So if I disagree with something in the StackExchange, or here in the area 51, who do I talk with? Or Will I need to actually make the complain public so people could debate the problem in a more transparent always perhaps (That doesn't sound bad, if this is the case).

Anyway, I would like some information about that. An e-mail? Send a message to the creator of StackExchage? Or Perhaps to a Moderator? And who are those people?

Also think this to be relevant, to anyone, new or old in here, to have these informations stated and public. That way people can look at this and redirect their queries.

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  • There is a link saying "Contact" on every page on Stack Exchange. – Nij Jan 5 '18 at 22:47
  • It does not provide an answer unfortunately @Nij the method below (the answer) is more fitted than entering in contact as you mentioned, which did not work. – Thobias Cerqueira Jan 16 '18 at 19:29

Generally speaking, if you have a question or concern about an action taken anywhere on the network, please post it to the appropriate community meta support site (the "discussion" section in Area 51) so every can benefit from the conversation.

If a proposal was closed for claiming to already be covered by another community, the best place to raise the issue is on the duplicate community itself. We don't generally split off subjects from existing sites simply to give them their own space, so discussing it with folks more acquainted with the subject does two things — (1) you can find out if your proposed subject already has a place(s) to be asked on the network, or (2) you can discuss why the subject needs its own community… or find out why the questions are not a good fit for the network in general.

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  • I am New but have committed to Weapons in Area 51. I am pretty confident I can make substantive contributions but the discussion seems stalled. How do I contribute to maximize likelihood of site reaching full status? – user31219 Jan 10 '18 at 2:24
  • That was helpful! I have tried the method above to address the issue through the contact page, but I got no reply so far (or at least haven't seen any). Somehow I think this issue is more relevant than I thought. That answer sure helps. I will change the tag and review the question to fit in the meta Area 51. Thank you. – Thobias Cerqueira Jan 16 '18 at 19:28

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