I am volunteering in an association helping migrant people who want to take their studies up again getting through the administrative difficulties. Many volunteers are good-willing people but not experts, often lacking knowledge when it comes to giving advises (administration and legislation are complex matters, even for native people). More generally, having precise knowledge about migrant people rights, what they can do and how to do it is of great importance for anyone willing to help, as they can't access to this knowledge by themselves.

A ressource on SE would be extremely useful to this purpose, as it would enable to centralize precise knowledge that volunteers but also migrant folks who can access internet could use.

At this point though, the feasability of such a project is not certain at all and I'm only trying to understand what would be the exact requirements for it to fit SE policy.

I understood that it is ok to create a country specific proposal, but that it will have to be in english anyway. However, I am not sure that this subject fits any of the listed sections (arts, business, culture, life, professional, recreation, science, technology).

Would such a site fit SE standards ? If so, in which section should I put the proposal ?


Hypothetically, such a proposal would go under the 'Life' section.

But without having seen the proposal (or the example questions), it sounds like this would already be covered under our Expatriates site or possibly Law, depending on the context.

It appears we already have a site which serve this purpose. I would direct your community to share their questions with one of those sites.

  • Thank you. Expatriates seems indeed quite fit to my purpose.
    – Vincent
    Dec 19 '17 at 8:31

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