Would a site for debate tactics or the strength of arguments be too opinion-based to suit the StackExchange network?

Just to be clear, this would not be a site for debating between users. Instead, it would be for strengthening the persuasiveness of arguments or debate skills.

Some example question titles may be something like:

Account for 'electricity analogy' counter-argument to net-neutrality

How to effectively take notes in a Parliamentary Debate?

Might this site be too specific and not get enough traffic?

What topic would this site fit under? Culture? Professional? Science?


Potentially, an academic site about the techniques and process of debate could be a fit subject for a Stack Exchange-style Q&A… but soliciting and auditing debate points for specific arguments would not.

To date, there have been 14 proposals attempting the subject of "debate", but they typically only average about 5 followers eking out a few questions by one to two people before it expires from lack of interest. Sometimes proposals are abandoned with no questions or followers at all.

Area 51 does not provide an audience to build these sites. If you have reason to believe you can reach a substantial audience to build a community around this subject, it would fit best in the 'Cultural' section covering subjects like language, religion, society, groups, and politics.

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