Somewhat similar to "I can't log into the main site", yet different because in my case I couldn't log into the Discussion Zone (right where we are now).

I logged on the Main site successfully using my Google credentials (as I always do), but when I accessed the Discussion Zone, my login credentials disappeared from the top navigation bar, just as if I was accessing the site without authenticating.

I tried logging into the Discussion Zone several times, all of which lead me to the crashed UFO error page.

This is how I managed to authenticate into the Discussion Zone:

  1. I went back to the Area 51 homepage.
  2. then I clicked on "chat" (at the top navigation bar).
  3. once on the chat page I clicked on "log in" (at the top navigation bar) and logged in successfully with my Google credentials.
  4. then I went back to the Discussion Zone, and now I was logged in correctly.

I am reporting this just in case it helps the site maintainers.

For reference, I am using Firefox 57.0.1 (64-bit)


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