Proposal: Quantum Computing

I was just wondering what happens when a question is closed by a moderator as too broad or a duplicate etc, say the question has a bunch of votes. Are those votes returned to the user, or do voters have to manually retract those votes to reuse them again on other questions.

Basically my question is are those votes dead in the water? That and should users retract their votes in order to use them on other questions that have a chance of impacting the scope of the proposal (since there's a max of five votes per user)?

Even more specifically should users in the Quantum Computing proposal be notified of this since a few questions with relatively high votes cast e.g. 10 have been closed as such? For example leaving the proposal tag "Quantum computing" above might notify them, hence the rollback.

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Nothing happens automatically, but a user who's cast a vote on a now-closed question can retract the vote and assign it to a different question. Unlike regular SE sites, votes on Area 51 don't get "locked in".

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