I've had issues with my Area51 StackExchange account since day 1 (I also have This logging out issue), with different symptoms at different times. I'm going to try to keep track of these issue from now on.

Wrong badges showing

Despite the fact that I believe I should have 1 silver badge and 6 bronze badges, My badges in the banner right now:

enter image description here

My badge count from my home page shows both 1S 2B and 6B in two different locations on the same page: enter image description here

(I will probably get a badge for posting my this questions... which will make these images out of date... my public profile is here, in case that's helpful)

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This is by design, as far as I can tell. You have 6 bronze badges on your Area 51 main profile, and 1 silver + 2 bronze badges on your Area 51 Meta (Discussion Zone) profile.

The accounts section in your profile (the image you attached is your Meta profile) shows your main site profile, so, as expected, it shows 6 bronze badges.

In terms of badges, a parent site and its child Meta site act completely independently. You can also observe this effect on any other Stack Exchange site (e.g. your Arqade main profile and Meta profile currently have a different number of badges). Therefore, the behaviour you've observed seems to be intentional and is not a bug.

To add to the confusion, the list of badges available on Area 51 main and the Meta site are not the same. The silver Yearling badge that you received on Meta isn't available on the main site, which is why you didn't receive it there.

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    This makes more sense; thanks for taking the time to explain :) Commented Oct 18, 2017 at 19:59

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