I don't like Gravatar for the simple reason that I don't want to use the same image for all my public profiles, nor want to use a different email address either. It would work for me if they would allow me to set different images for each website, but that kinds of defeat the propose of using Gravatar in the first place.

After submitting some forms to Submittable.com that needed my profile picture, I opted for changing my avatar on Gravatar, because they wouldn't allow me to upload an image. My surprise came when I saw that my profile picture in the whole SE network changed too.

I quickly changed back to old picture in one SE site, and saved the changes to the whole network, but it seems Area 51 hasn't updated the changes yet.

So, my question is how can I use a different image in my profile on Area 51, that the one in my Gravatar account?


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