My proposal for Home Automation (it used to be at https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/113100/home-automation?referrer=yt_xCLYSm8wMlmlq11Qssg2 but has been deleted now as it was closed as duplicate and thus did not receive any more activity obviously) has been closed as duplicate. I do understand that IoT also covers some Home Automation topics but IoT does not cover all of Home Automation. I'd like to discuss this here.

Some of the differences:

  • While it often is Home Automation does not have to be internet-connected, it can be in a local network or even just be a raspberry pi without network connections and some stuff connected to the GPIO pins. IoT (as the name suggests) is internet-connected. There are cases where you actively want to and do block internet access for home automation systems.
  • A StackExchange for Home Automation would be a lot about configuring Home Automation platforms (both cloud hosted and self hosted), too (like OpenHAB and Home Assistant)


  • Even though a part of Home Automation is covered by IoT, it is a so big topic that it should not just be a subtopic of a bigger one.

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