Proposal: Wilderness survival & Bushcraft

The title really says it all - isn't Wilderness survival & Bushcraft a subset of The Great Outdoors?

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Yes, it is a duplicate.

As we can see by checking on The Great Outdoors,

so this space is already served by an existing Stack Exchange site. If a desire exists to increase the number of questions and users in that space, joining TGO is the first and only option on Stack Exchange.


No more so than Ubuntu is a subset of Unix & Linux, itself being a subset of Super User.

The Great Outdoors is for people who love outdoor activities, excursions, and outdoorsmanship. Wilderness survival & Bushcraft can certainly be used by them, and people who are good at survival can enjoy the outdoors just as much as others. Wilderness survival does not, however, require that it be for enjoyment. Military pilots, recon patrols, and many others have need of wilderness survival skills, and are very unlikely to enjoy it if and when they are required to use them. Someone on vacation driving from San Diego, CA (USA) to Tucson, AZ who has engine failure in the desert during August would need wilderness survival skills, and would not be enjoying the 115°F heat very much at all.

The two "sites" may have some overlap, and they will certainly have many non-overlapping on-topic subjects.

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