Proposal: Technical Communication

Let's imagine I want to develop a website, and I want to do something in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I go to Stack Overflow, and they tell you this is the way to do it, but you can't find any reference to prove it's the standard conforming way.

Now maybe, just maybe, on the other side of the universe, the standard developers are revising or reviewing the standard. They run into the question, and they check it out in the drafts, and they either know the standard head to toe and explain it to you, or they realize that's a bug in the documentation, and they file an issue.

I know that the major public standard developments have a place for feedback, but I think it'd be also useful for small technology developers to explain their works.

So, my question is: can we use the site for discussing the content of technical documents, like a center for reference requests?

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No. Discussion is not what the Stack Exchange model is about. The model is about questions and their answers.

Any such reference requests would be off-topic in the same way that proofreading is off-topic on ELU and ELL. Such requests invite opinions and not definitive answers. The denizens of Stack Overflow are perfectly capable of providing references to specifications, either directly or within the Documentation feature.

Besides, speaking as someone who has reviewed draft ISO standards, any standards organisation already has a well trusted and functioning review system that they are unlikely to change.

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