Proposal: Baltic Languages and Usage

Actually I think "Baltic languages" has two different meanings.

  • One for the three national languages of the Baltic countries: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian. They may also for a "Sprachbund".
  • Another for a subfamily of the Indo-European languages which includes Latvian, Lithuanian, and the extinct since the 19th century Old Prussian. Estonian is not included as it is rather a member of the Finno-Ugric language family.

As we're specifically including Estonian, should we also cover Old Prussian? The number of questions should be small.


I think it's wise to have the union of the language subfamily and the languages spoken in the region, since this both makes the scope easier to enforce and both are relevant to the diachronics of the subject matter.

Put up questions about each of Old Prussian and Estonian, and link to this discussion in a comment on each.

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