Quick question about the inner workings of area 51:

How is it that the Economics proposal, right now with 161 commitments, says that it is only 63% of the commit phase, while History, with 143 commitments, says that is 71% of the commit phase? If Economics has more commitments, should it be more advanced in the commit phase?


The percentage is of the total Commitment Points™ needed, not of the number of committers. Committers with experience on other Stack Exchange sites (over 200 rep, I believe) count for more Commitment Points™ than others do. This is done to ensure that new sites will have some people who know how StackExchange works and will help to properly shape the site into an effective one.

  • There are three commitment stage criteria that can be seen individually on the proposal pages by clicking the "more info" toggle. The the percent complete progress indicator will use whichever of the three is lower.
    – moberley
    Aug 24 '11 at 19:31

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