A company called Parallax, Inc (I am not affiliated with them) makes an electronic product named the "Propeller" or more formally, "P8X32A". It is a microcontroller and is aimed at electronics professionals and hobbyists.

Would it be appropriate to suggest a proposal to create a Beta for Propeller users to ask expert-level questions on a particular device such as this? It is a mature product, it has been around for over a decade and the successor product "Propeller 2" is in active development. Propeller and Propeller 2 could share the same user base and the same SE Beta as there is a lot of overlap in the technological concepts and language.

I anticipate that topics created would be up-voted when they contain information that is difficult to obtain elsewhere, or requires detailed explanation by a knowledgeable author.

The questions would cover both electronics hardware and software.

Not being familiar with making proposals, I'd appreciate some suggestions as to whether this is a complete non-starter or something worthy of the community's attention.


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It is OK to make the proposal, but finding the required support for such a narrow proposal may prove very difficult.

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