I see that if you are going to start a proposal for a site, you must have five example questions to get it going. While I probably have five questions of my own I could use, I am wondering if it is alright to use a question posted by somebody else on anoth S.E. site as an example question?

This question would be on topic and, if need be, be credited to the original asker and linked to the original page.

EDIT #1: So far I realsise that the question proposal is just the question title, not an entire question, so credit towards the original asker is not possible. Is it still allowed?

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One of the goals of a successful proposal is to show there is a sufficient body of questions not already covered by another site — so I would suggest that posting a question already asked elsewhere would be more of a hindrance than an asset.

But if you think it is a good "example question" to make a case for building that site, attribution (while probably unnecessary) can be given in the comments.

  • Unless that question was closed as off-topic, I assume. Commented Jul 8, 2017 at 2:06

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