Proposal: Bioinformatics

List 1: Following are some area closely related to bioinformatics from the view that all them contains things related to "bio" and "computation"

Also there are related topics not primarily based on computer machine but require computation, sometimes rigorous.

But in spite of biological things plus computational things; all these type of things are not same. So it would require discussion; which topic would be on topic in Bioinformatics SE and when it becomes off-topic.

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    Hang on to your question until the site is actually launched. I can appreciate your enthusiasm to get started on this site, but it is best to save these questions for the folks who are actively using this site once it is launched. Incidentally, it is typically better to discuss specific scoping issues as they come up in actual practical (not one giant catch-all scoping discussion), but I am going to close this for this site; Area 51 is for questions about getting these proposals launched. Sorry about the confusion. May 4, 2017 at 20:02


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