On History.SE we get a lot of questions about the history of the military, warfare, firearms, and other weapons that drift into military strategy and firearms. Worldbuilding.SE also gets a lot of hypothetical questions about weapons and warfare, many are grounded in reality. I'm an amateur military historian and can field some of them, but History.SE isn't the right place for many of them, and Worldbuilding.SE is more like a dumping ground for the more realistic questions. I'd like to see an SE for them, there's definitely a need.

I'm following Militaria, Weapons, and Firearms. Their support is climbing, but after almost a year none has gotten past definition. I'd suggest merging the proposals into one about combat and martial pursuits in general.

First, there's a lot of cross interest between the sites. 50% of the Firearms people are also in Weapons. 25% of Weapons are in Firearms or Militaria. 25% of Militaria is in Weapons. Having three narrower sites dilutes interest.

Second, it's hard to know where to post what. If I want to know about the weapons and tactics of the Boer War, is that Militaria, Weapons, or Firearms? Will new users be able to figure it out? I doubt it. The speciality bits, especially the "military culture" aspect of Militaria, could be handled by tags.

I'd suggest the three be merged into a broader proposal about combat in general. I think we'd have enough to get the proposal off the ground. I'd like to see that.

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