I put up a proposal for a site: "Sign Languages", about any and all sign languages.

That proposal, it didn't get enough followers in the first three days, so it was pruned. My question is if it's alright to advertise the proposal on the vaguely related sites, say, the Linguistics beta or the Language Learning beta?

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Unfortunately, we do not allow solicitation of users to follow proposals in meta support nor in the posts and comments on the main Q&A sites. With so many proposals vying for attention, allowing each one to start soliciting support on the main sites became unworkable pretty fast. Such activity would be 'flagged' and removed.

I can appreciate the need to find a community for your proposal, but when you submit a proposal for a site, it is stated that you need to have access to an avid community to build it. You were asked to provide a description and links to the site or organization which was (presumably) heading up this effort.

Some of our larger ("graduated") communities have a meta post tagged community-ads which may or may not welcome ads for proposals — do your research first — but the audience for those ads is small, and we cannot allow proposals to linger along with only a small accretion of users over time without a larger base of support.

It takes a lot of people to organize a successful proposal.

Promotion should be done predominantly outside of the Stack Exchange Network.

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