With the current Minimum Activity Requirements for Area 51 a new proposal has 3 days to get 5 followers and 5 example questions. The proposer can ask the 5 questions, so that is not much of a hurdle.

Unless the proposer already has a community that wants to come to Stack Exchange, the other 4 followers need to come from people browsing Area51. Presumably traffic is different depending on day of the week (i.e. weekends). A proposal at noon on Friday and a proposal at noon on Monday could be proposed, closed and deleted with some audiences never being aware of both.

What days of the week result in the most proposals passing and failing the Minimum Activity Requirements?

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    Rather than relying on passing traffic to build the site, wouldn't it be better to already have some core community members from other areas and "meet" in Area 51 to build the proposal? Commented Apr 8, 2017 at 3:53

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I think this question misses the point of a proposal's opening days.

We get a lot of proposals from authors with no intention nor idea how to find a community to help build their site. If you throw up a random idea expecting someone else to build it for you, you are almost certainly wasting everyone's time; that has been true for a very long time.

The original solution proposed was to set a low bar (some minimum requirements) before an author could submit a proposal. But rather than complicating the submission process by asking for your five followers and five example questions up front, we give you three days to complete that initial process within the proposal itself.

Asking which day is best to get the participants on the same page is up them. As for what day the most folks might happen to be passing by when you start, I have no idea; the issue is essentially moot.

  • I partially disagree with this answer. While there is no doubt that some proposal go from zero to launch in record time because there is a site that is not meeting the need and they move to SE well, there are also proposals that grow organically within SE with little outside crowd gathering. As well as proposals with lots of outside followers and no SE experience that fail to launch. The only time that 3 day window is not important is when attempting to move an established community from a site failing to meet the communities needs. Commented Apr 12, 2017 at 14:20

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