Proposal: Shareware Authors

When I look at the recently created Shareware Authors proposal and read its description:

Proposed Q&A site for software developers who want to learn how to sell, market, protect and distibute their software products using the shareware method of distribution.

what I see is a proposal where every question I can think of would already have a home at SO (if it's about code) or Programmers.se (if it's about the business of software). To me, that means it should be closed as a duplicate.

It's already got two closed votes, but they're for "Not a Real Proposal." I could maybe see that as a possible reason (given that the OP hasn't proposed any example questions), but again, to me, it's clearly a dupe of two live sites.

So I'm asking the community:

  • Is it a duplicate?
  • is it not a real proposal?
  • Something else entirely?

It looks like duplicate material to me. In addition to SO and programmers which you mention, there is also Startups.SE as well as other niche sites which could field some questions. I can't think of anything not covered by an existing site.


I tend to agree with you, Dori. When it comes to "The business of software" issues, clearly the questions fall under the purview of Programmers SE (FAQ: "business of software").

If it is more of a general business or marketing issue not directly related to software, it could be covered under our Answers.Onstartups Stack Exchange.

Either way, the questions suggested by this proposal are already well covered on our network.

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