Proposal: Layman Physics

Isn't Layman Physics just a subset of Physics SE?

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Not really. We don't want to duplicate the subject of a site predicated on the premise, "okay, explain this to me again, only this time so I understand it."

Sites are meant to gather communities around a specific area of study or expertise, comprehensively. We do not wish to define or subdivide communities based on how well they know the subject.

If the author has a certain level of understanding, or needs an answer explained in a specific context, that should be expressed in the body of the post. That doesn't mean someone can play "clueless newbie" and expect an audience to explain an entire subject without having done any work/research on their own.

Stack Exchange is about getting past the types of probems you encounter in your day-to-day work; someplace where you got stuck and just need a bit of help to get past that problem or obstacle. But Stack Exchange isn't intended to be a source of pedagogy to teach you about an entire subject from square one. That requires a back-and-forth conversation that Stack Exchange is not designed to host.

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