How is this proposal different from existing stack exchange sites, particulary StackOverflow, but also sites like Cross Validated and Signal Processing? The Area 51 FAQ explicitly states that sites that fall under ones or more existing sites will not be accepted, and numerous proposals have been rejected for exactly this reason.

There are numerous languages that are both more popular and less popular than MATLAB that do not get their own site for this reason. So just popularity, or lack thereof, is not justification.

Simply stating that some other software, such as Mathematica, got its own site is not sufficient. Mathematica got its site because the people behind the proposal were able to explicitly justify the site as not falling under any existing site. So people behind this proposal will need to do the same if the proposal is going to succeed.

I asked this question on the last 2 MATLAB proposals but did not get a satisfactory answer. If you would like this proposal to fare better than they did, you really need to be able to justify its existence.

Proposal: MATLAB

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That's because it's not a proposal about existing arguments. Signal processing is about theory of that, not matlab implementations. Otherwise stack exchange sites like Mathematica should be removed for the same reason.

It's about on how to use the program, how to personalize, it, how to debug scripts in, how to implement algorithms in scripts.

the site is not about "How can I define a Kalman Filter", but it's "I want to implement this Kalman filter".

Many times it's related to programming m files, and maybe the question can be included in Stack Overflow, as now, but there can be questions about toolboxes, documentation and other stuff that are not related to programming.

So in my opinion this site has the same reason to live as Mathematica site do (But also Joomla, Drupal and so on).

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    Toolboxes and documentation are still related to programming. I see questions about both on StackOverflow right now, both for MATLAB and for other programming languages. If you are looking for advice on toolboxes to use, there is already the Software Recommendations stack exchange site. So everything you mentioned already falls under existing sites. As I said, Mathematica got its own site because it was able to provide good examples of questions that don't fall under existing sites. All of the proposed questions for MATLAB, however, are on-topic for existing sites. Jun 15, 2017 at 15:36
  • There currently are 76,605 questions tagged for MATLAB on Stack Overflow. I follow the tag there, and it works well enough. Jan 15, 2018 at 7:32

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