Proposal: ERP software

Should this proposal be a little more generic and be for "Platform Development/Admin"? For example, Dynamics 365 is more accurately a combination of a CRM and 2 different ERPs. Although similar, CRMs and ERPs are different enough not to label them both ERP.

Also, what about CMS platforms like sitecore? I would challenge that all ERP platforms, CRM platforms, CMS platforms, etc should come under platform development or something similar.

  • I'm close to challenging my own question. On the other hand is ERP not specific enough? Seeing as salesforce and sitecore have their own sites, should there be a site per ERP? I think dynamics 365 is as popular now (if not more popular) as salesforce is. Mar 8, 2017 at 19:58

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I'm not sure if the proposal is too specific, or too broad. My exposure to ERP was when I was coding for a complete ERP system. Granted, not all enterprises will need all aspects of ERP. (A retail sales concern has no need for manufacturing work-flow planning, for example.) Yet, in my understanding, an ERP system should cover all aspects of an enterprise. Using a CRM package, an HR and payroll program, and a inventory control program is not enough. At a minimum those packages or programs should be integrated, and be attached to an accounting package, as well as programs to at least monitor all other areas of the business. A key element of ERP is that integrates all the data from all the departments, covering all the resources, so that responsible parties can see problems before they happen, or get too bad, and upper management can see the whole picture and make responsive decisions based on quantitative data. I.e., planning for the resources of the enterprise.

Simply put, that is a broad category!

Whenever I see ERP mentioned, including here, it seems to focus heavily on CRM, if not exclusively. They are not the same thing at all. They could even be considered opposites. CRM is about bringing more money into the business. ERP is about spending less money on the business. Still, without sales there is no business, so CRM is an important part of the business, and an important part of an ERP system. If through the process of the definition phase this site boils down to being about CRM, "and some other stuff," then it will be to specific.

It's old (written in 2007, updated in 2008), and it's long (9 web pages), but the best discussion of what ERP really involves is in an article on the CIO website.

Since ERP can be such a large project, questions about its implementation, and management, would seem to be never-ending. That's a good sign for a Stack Exchange site. Getting people familiar enough with the aspects of so many products, OTOH, could be a daunting challenge.

I'll continue to follow this proposal, and hope that it does progress. I would love to be involved in such a site. At this time it's looking to me as if this proposal is not getting the traction it needs to even complete the definition phase, let alone have a successful beta launch.

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