I have many questions dealing with Physics, but these questions were considered low quality contributions by Physics SE. I got my account suspended by them for 30 days on Christmas and when I was let back I really tried to make sure to better my questions and search for answers on google first.

Many people are getting banned there because we are not higher level Physicist and are not able to ask the quality questions needed to participate actively. Sure they let you ask a few questions, but if you ask to many you are banned. Now, I am banned for a year for again asking low quality questions.

Having a site like this would give moderators on Physics SE a place to migrate these questions they consider low quality.

I really enjoy this format, learn from it and want to know if we are ever are going to have a Physical Science SE for all the users that don't meet the quality standards of Physics SE? A safe SE where we can ask question like why is the sky blue and not worry for asking it?


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You are mixing up "low quality" and "simple".

Asking why the sky is blue is not necessarily a "low quality" question (for example), the quality of the question depends on how it was asked not it's content. What it is is a simple question with an easily discovered answer and one that has probably been asked before. Asking a question on Stack Exchange should be your last resort. You should have used Google/Bing/etc., Wikipedia and so on in an effort to find your answer. Only when all of these have failed should you ask on Stack Exchange. By then you'll have a well researched question that explains why all of your research hasn't given you the answer you were looking for.

If the question was down-voted and/or closed it was probably for these reasons rather than the quality of the question itself. The down-vote arrow has the tooltip:

This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful.

A question "Why is the sky blue?" fails that first test.

  • I was an example of a question that could be on physical science and not on physics. Not to be literal.
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Explicit low quality is a terrible thing. Even where there's different sites for different levels of knowledge, say ELU and ELL questions have to meet a minimum quality standard.

There is no ban button. Question bans are automatic and one needs to have a certain number of questions put on hold to hit it. There's even a warning.

One question being closed can be a mistake. If you're having multiple questions closed... yeah, maybe its not the moderator or the site.

And well, if you're asking extremely simple questions, you're not going to get people who are knowledgeable interested in the site, and you get a circle of... meh. And questions in the vein of "how is babby formed"

So no, starting new sites to give "safe" spaces for people who don't quite get what's on topic on another site is a terrible idea.


There is enough chronic dissatisfaction at Physics SE that it really might be possible to create a spinoff, e.g. a "Physics 2" that would exist to take questions rejected by Physics SE because of speculative, applied, or elementary content. But it would take work.


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