Proposal: Sports Would/does the Sports proposal cover other sports such as Washers, horseshoes, sand volleyball, redneck golf, shuffle board, etc.? In other words, sports that either aren't mainstream or don't have a national league but a lot of people still play?

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This is intended to be an inclusive proposal, so I would assume so. You're right that activities more commonly referred to as "games" rather than "sports" haven't been addressed in any discussion that I can find.

I don't think distinguishing between them would be beneficial. A lot of people would get angry if we picked some arbitrary standard of "how physical" a game needs to be before it's a sport.

I think anything that clearly involves physical skill (like all of the games you mention) should be on-topic. Games without physical skill (like chess, cards, etc.) should be out, though, of course.

  • So darts would be in as well?
    – DForck42
    Aug 18, 2011 at 20:37
  • @DForck42 I would push for it, yes. Aug 18, 2011 at 20:39

I would suggest a Sport here would have to have a defined set of rules. This doesn't mean it must be the same rules nation-wide, but we have to have a common ground to start from.

Let's say my friends and I play 'glowball' (I made it up 5 seconds ago). Someone asks for advice on using the 'Root Beer Internment' strategy to score lots of points. If over in Canada, everyone who plays glowball has banned the 'Root Beer Interment' strategy because it's too dangerous, and you're playing in Canada, then it's important to note that American glowballers will give you advice that isn't applicable.

So if you have a house rule that differs from what most people would find acceptable, then you would have to make sure it's clear upfront. That doesn't mean you won't find help, though. The more core rules of the game that apply the better.

Horseshoes, I believe, has a national following. Same with sand volleyball. I've never heard of redneck golf, so I don't know how the rules would differ.

tl;dr As long as you are willing and able to answer questions about how the sport you play differs from what most people's conception of the sport is, I can't imagine it being closed.

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