Proposal: Ukrainian Language

As of today, we have

  • 397/200 committers in total
  • 95/100 committers with 200+ rep on any other site
  • 100% commitment score, based on committers' activity on all other sites and how old the commitment is

Ignore the graph, because that's showing the number of committers, which we have enough of.

How can we get the last five committers with 200+ rep on any other site?

Is this proposal being advertised on Stack Exchange sites which are conducted in Russian, such as Stack Overflow in Russian (Stack Overflow на русском), or the Russian Language in Russian (Русский язык), or on the site about Russian which is conducted in English (Russian Language), and are there any community ads specifically created for the proposal (apparently not for Russian Language)?

Alternatively, should we just launch the proposal already as it's met two of the three requirements, and almost met the other one, within a month of going into commitment?

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    Probably we can wait one more week?
    – Yola
    Jan 23, 2017 at 7:25
  • Yes, I agree with Yola that what we need for collecting full 100 of 200+ users is just waiting for one (two) more week(s). Although I have nothing against advertising this community on other SE sites, we didn't try it yet (AFAIK) and it seems to be too late for it now (as 100 is almost collected using social networks now). Also, I'm not sure Russian SE is the best place for it (though I'm not against trying).
    – Sasha
    Jan 23, 2017 at 10:34
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    The only thing I'm afraid about is that most of users were attracted using social networks… but when has been reading carefully some of invitations in social networks I understood that they did not always clarify the sense of pressing "Commit!" button correctly. Some of users might misinterpret this as pure voting, not as obligation to participate. On the other hand, some of users surely understood it correctly (as we can see in some commit comments like "I'll answer the questions").
    – Sasha
    Jan 23, 2017 at 10:55
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    Encourage your non 200+ users to get some SE experiance on different site. travel might be a good option. Jan 23, 2017 at 13:49
  • @JamesJenkins, thanks, I thought about that in the very beginning. And I even wrote to some users about this way (i.e. increasing personal reputation in addition to attracting new committers). Still, we've (almost) fulfilled requirements even without that. (The only problem is that I don't know what part of these 400+ committers really understands the conditions and will actively participate in beta.)
    – Sasha
    Jan 23, 2017 at 14:18

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There are two thoughts coming to my mind:

  1. There's no better way of attracting the users to Area51 proposal than Sharing.
  2. The proposal does not look mature yet — even after the remaining five three already one 200+ rep-users eventually join us.

Sharing is quite simple. It ensures that interested people will come to join. It is also important to have different people coming, to guarantee plurality of ideas and variety of experts.

The thought above brings yet another argument on the table.
(I apologize if my argument looks like a rant, that wasn't my goal).

A whopping 48 (out of 100 required) 200-rep users came from the invitation of a single user. Although having a great promoter is always good, this seems to be a red flag for me:

  1. all these people are likely linked to each other and work together (in Ukrainian I.T. industry);
  2. possibly, they know each other in personal, which, in turn, may tempt them into voting abuse (I said, "it may", not "it will");


  1. Only 10 users of 200+ rep, including you and me, have any accounts at Linguistics or any Language-related site of SE family.

P.S. I do not say that this invalidates the whole attempt, no. But, definitely, it will be very difficult for the Beta to become a site with quality content.

If I were the proposal-starter, I would ask the mods to delay the creation of the Beta and strictly focus on promotion.

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    "A whopping 48 (out of 100 required) 200-rep users came from the invitation of a single user.". The reason is that the same URL was used for the several promotion sources. I guess it's not prohibited. So "all these people are likely linked to each other and work together" is not true. Yes, some of the people are connected with each other, but still, they are not from one company or one source. And what does mean "strictly focus on promotion"? I think commitment phase is a phase of promotion, is not it?
    – sashaeve
    Jan 30, 2017 at 10:27
  • @sashaeve, I absolutely agree that the fact, that most of users formally came from a single referrer, is not a problem. (It's more specifics of how sharing works rather than our problem: if a link got re-shared by many users, only the original sharer who is bound into the link as referrer=… is reported.) Still, we may meet other problems in future like potential low activity of committers during beta or something else, who knows. I suppose that bytebuster meant "prolong commitment phase and share more". Still I don't know whether the first is good idea or no.
    – Sasha
    Jan 30, 2017 at 14:56

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