Proposal: Safe & Secure

I like this proposal, but perhaps due to too much exposure to old RPGs my brain keeps on trying to autoreplace "Safe & Secure" with "Arms & Armor." Which leads me to think a site by the latter name would be more successful.

In fact, why not merge this and the more advanced Weapons proposal into "Arms & Armor?"

Almost all definition questions so far on Safe & Secure would be on-topic at Weapons. Thinking further: Any question of defense or security is usually posed with reference to some threat, and even virtual tools of attack are colloquially and legally referred to as "arms" and "weapons."

I have a hard time imagining a reason to divide those communities. OTOH, Stack Exchange communities that err on the side of inclusiveness seem to fare much better in beta and graduation.


From the Weapons proposal here.

I'm all for it - it seems like there are three proposals that are pretty much the same thing.

It looks like your question is downvoted though - maybe someone should post another opposing view answer. I can't think of any reasons not to as it stands...

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