I have read How long does a SE site stay in Beta?, and several other relevant threads, but these articles do not explain the following use cases [all stats excellent unless otherwise specified]:

German language:

5.9 Q / day (5 = OK, 10 = good)
100% answered
903/89/60 high-rep users
2.4 answer ratio (1=OK, 2.5=good)
10452 visits/day
Not launched after 6 years.

So I thought, Wow, launching sites much have some huge requirements!

Another example:

9.4 Q/Day (5 = OK, 10 = good)
77% Answered (80%=OK, 90%=good)
163/15/10 users with high rep
1.5 answer ratio (1=OK, 2.5=good)
1820 visits / day
Launched at 90 days.

Obviously, launched with stats a bit worse than the law site. I thought, Maybe the advantage is, that it had these stats at 90 days?

Another example, Quantitative Finance

7.1 Q/day [5=OK, 10=good]
77% answered [80%=OK, 90%=good]
505/34/23 high-rep users
1.8 answer ratio [1=OK, 2.5=good]
6350 visits / day
Launched after 6 years

After looking at numerous resources, and trying several theories, I still cannot explain. How is this site better than the German Language, that it got to launch? Who decides?


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