I have an idea for a forum for deep learning discussions, somewhat like deeplearning.stackexchange.com. The deep learning class IFT 6266 (Winter 2017) in Montreal has an idea of exchanging academic discussions (questions and answers) via wordpress, and I don't think that might be an ideal way of expressing the discussions. Some questions about neural network architecture doesn't fit into stackoverflow because of the amount of math involved, or cross-validated stats.stackexchange.com where some heuristics starts to kick in.

This might also be a good news for the community to post their question and answers on stackexchange more often. It might be also a good income stream for stackexchange to connect job providers and seekers (in deep learning)?

What do you guys think of the idea?

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The only way folks can know for sure what you are proposing is to submit a proposal and post some example questions. See How to create a new proposal in Area51?

But if you are envisioning a forum for "discussions" on this subject, know that this isn't really what we do. See the Stack Exchange Tour. Stack Exchange is intended to compile a type of factual Q&A where folks ask questions that can be definitively and completely answered in the space of a post. The Stack Exchange format does not allow for ongoing discussions or back-and-forth debates.

This is by design.


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