Proposal: Applying to Foreign Colleges & Universities (in Chinese)





第一个方法是邀请(refer)他人关注本项目(并Commit)。在项目首页的左上侧有个“Share This”链接(参见下图):


请大家用这个带有referer's code的链接在各个SNS上分享,邀请更多人follow并commit到此项目中来。这样,没成功邀请一个人,发出邀请的人会获得5个威望值——当然,如此积累150个rep也是不太容易的事情。另外,大家也可以将此链接拷贝到自己的博客上,让更多的人看到。

第二个办法是参与关于该项目的建议的讨论(+1 rep)。

第三个办法是参与SE上其他项目和Area51上其他proposal的讨论(+1 / +2 rep)

第四个方法获得rep最快,但也估计并非SE所提倡的方法:提议一个新的问答项目(propose a new site),这样可以直接获得100+甚至更多的rep。创建新的proposal的地方稍微有点隐蔽:在首页左侧点击任何一个你认为你的proposal应该所属的分类,然后浏览到页面底部,即可看到Propose a New xxxxx Site的链接:

propose a new xxxxxx site


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    As far as I know, making referrals and creating new proposals will have no effect on the second commitment criteria. The required 200 reputation points must be earned on a regular Q&A site in the Stack Exchange network. In other words, a site listed on the left hand side of this page on StackExchange.com. – moberley Aug 17 '11 at 20:22

I think the issue you'll have is at the moment, not many of your committed users have a 200+ rep on another SE site.

One way to solve this is to reach out to people on other related SE sites. The other way is for people who are new to SE who've committed to this proposal to go out and join other SE sites that interest them, and participate there. As the proposal is around applying to universities overseas, then the people signing up for the proposal are likely to also be interested in the subject they hope to study. In many cases, there is an existing SE site covering that area, so they could join that and participate. That'll both the proposal, and help them learn more about the subject they wish to study plus share what they already know!

The key thing is to ensure that when your site reaches beta, there are enough people involved in it who understand how SE sites work - that's why there's a requirement for 200+ rep users.

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I prefer the 3rd way to gain rep, and will try it out.

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    你不需要到其他的proposal去回答问题。你必须到其他的SE网站回答问题,提出新的有趣的问题。这样才能拿到更多的rep。 – going Aug 17 '11 at 22:54
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    一个proposal上不应该回答问题,一个proposal的问题就是为了讨论哪些问题是off topic 和那些事 on topic。你可以讨论,但是不需要回答。而且你在那里回答问题是拿不到 reputation。不会对你们这个 proposal 有利。 – going Aug 17 '11 at 23:38

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