I'd like to ask a question asked on the "Relationships" proposal, as I feel it's relevant here.

How is this site different from Relationships&Dating site, and why would it succeed where the former failed?

It seems like there's a lot of overlap between the two, and although I agree that interpersonal skills is more broad, there will be an inevitable overlap between the two.

How can we differentiate from the failed site, and where does the new proposal differ?

I like the idea of the site, and feel it would be an immense help to a lot of people, myself included. I just really don't want to get too involved and see it close prematurely.

Proposal: Interpersonal Skills


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Interpersonal Skills is essentially more broad of a topic than what Relationships and Dating was scoped to, which was:

Q&A site for people seeking answers to questions about dating and long-term relationships.

So it could include questions about dating and long-term relationships, but it's not specific to either topic. There could be questions about interacting with people one has no relationship with in any way, or about interacting with multiple people(e.g. crowds and audiences), influencing people, charisma, appropriateness(e.g. How can I talk to a coworker who is clearly distressed?), etc. Note that there can be overlap in question topics between SE sites.

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"Relationships and Dating" is a subset of "Interpersonal Skills." Or, if you prefer, this is a superset of the other.

The better questions from "Relationships and Dating" can be migrated here. The reverse is not necessarily true; many "Interpersonal Skills" questions have little or no relationship to "dating."

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