I think this is a great idea but I am by no means an expert so I don't know if it is okay to propose this or if I need to try and find one or more experts first...

With all the current brouhaha about fake news and internet hoaxes it occurs to me Stack Exchange could have a community that would be a clearing house similar to Snopes or FactCheck or even Myth Busters. This would be a community where someone could ask a "True or False" Question about any subject and all Answers would have to have evidence and/or support logic to refute or prove their conclusion.

  • I just had the same thought this morning and searched about it! I understand why SO might need a bit more targeted scope for questions. However, it is recently becoming big with large internet businesses creating AIs, governments tring to control information and even targeted propaganda. I am bumping this thread because (1) I think that the point/rep system of stackexchange works reliably and (2) is a community based effort not controlled by any major player - might worth reevaluating this proposal in light of more recent events
    – urban
    May 29 '20 at 7:41

You don't necessarily need to be an expert in a subject to propose it — but if you don't have a community of users who are interested in the subject, the likelihood is we're not going to be able to build it for you. Suggesting a good idea doesn't automatically create a great site; you need access to community of avid supporters to actually get a site through the process.

As for your specific idea, the majority of what you describe sounds like it would already on topic at our Skeptics site. For anything that may not be, sites are usually built around a specific subject of study, so we're not likely to create a clearinghouse for a type of question that does not really have a involve a specific subject of expertise. See On proposals soliciting reviews, recommendations, comparisons, etc.

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