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Before Politics can even become a real site, the rules surrounding what questions should be asked and what shouldn't must be addressed. We must clearly define the objective nature of the site, however the rules must be simple enough for everyone to understand so that newcomers that want to learn won't be intimidated. What sort of rules and etiquette would you find essential for the Politics Stack Exchange site proposal?


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A QA about politics is always a can of worms.. The only way to work is to treat politics as a branch of social sciences. Facts, numbers, models and a very clear distinction between what the evidence says and your personal opinions. It is subjective but, if the subjectivity is clear, we're more or less safe from the usual forum pitfalls.

In most social sciences there aren't as many FACTS as we would like to, which kind of breaks the SE standards. So it's important to allow answers with the posture "I think X because evidence Y" because the counterpart "I KNOW X because evidence Y" is very likely to be wrong.


Caimen, welcome to Stack Exchange and Area 51!

About the only answer I can give to your question is: the usual.

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