The badges page says that the peer presure badge is awerded by deleted a own question with a score of -3 or less. I just deleted two questions with -3 but didn't got the peer-pressure badge.

I searched for badges peer pressure and got zero results.

I found this other question but it's about badge page layout but it only has a comment:

Why aren't the badges on Area 51 grouped in a meaningful way?

Should I wait for a while, is there something broken or the badge page is obsolete?

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Patience grasshopper the results say you got your badge 4 minutes after posting your question here.


Area 51 badges page and Area 51 Discussion Zone badge page are different:

Area 51 badge page doesn't include the peer-pressure badge but the other one does.

On the Area 51 Discussion Zone the peer-pressure badge shows the tick mark, so the "wait time" was just the time that took to me to "refresh" the page.

It's not shown yet on the achievements drop-down list from the Stack Exchange bar.

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