What if I failed with my commitments?

I'm asking this because at the time of registration, I went through email confirmation and various questionnaire. So, I just wanted check whether there will be any negative impact if I failed to fulfil my commitments.

  • You have only been a member for 2 days, how have you failed in a commitment? Nov 4, 2016 at 12:02
  • I just wanted to check whether there will there be any negative impact if I failed with my commitments in future. Nov 4, 2016 at 14:54

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Commitment is a phase that all successful proposals go through. You can only be "committed" to 3 proposals at at time.

Everything you do to support a proposal is voluntary, if you don't do something there are no penalties.

When you "Commit" to a proposal you are promising to write 10 questions and/or answers. From the time that you click the green "Commit!" button until the commitment is completed is where the commitment count (3) comes into play. Anytime up until Beta Launch you can retract your commitment.

After private beta launch, you can start writing your 10 questions and/or answers. You can not "un-commit" after beta launch. If you are heavily active in the first few weeks your commitment can be completed and not taking one of your 3 spaces, shortly after public beta launch.

Worse case, if you don't meet your 10 Q&A quota the commitment stops counting against your count of 3 about six months after public beta launch.


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