I am considering a proposal for something of the above. A sample description is

This site is for gamblers, casino and industry professionals, and those interested in aspects of the games, workplaces and life of the casino and gambling industries.

It is related to several existing SE sites, but has a number of components that these do not address: they are not on-topic per that site's description, the expertise is not available in sufficiently supportive levels, the questions are very specific to casinos and gambling where other sites would have to generalise.

But before a proposal is even made, it needs to have a place to be proposed in. Which is most suitable for Casinos & Gambling?

  • Culture

  • Life

  • Recreation

It definitely has legs in all three of the above areas (Culture, Life, Recreation) and a hand resting on two more (Professional, Business - though these seem markedly less suitable than the aforementioned set).

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You need to note that Casino gaming was proposed and removed because of its inactivity.

I am not sure how your proposal would be different from the closed one, but the linked meta post Casino Gaming and Poker SE Discussion on Peker Meta can shed some light.

As you mentioned, it will depend on how you see it, but I think "recreation" would be more appropriate. Also, Poker SE was proposed under recreation.

Good luck.

  • Thanks for input, Rathony. I'm aware of the previous proposal failure of Casino Gaming, hence the widening of scope to include gambling in all forms.
    – Nij
    Oct 6, 2016 at 11:29

Casinos & Gambling has been proposed under Recreation on 7 October 2016.

Followers and supporters are now able to give potential questions and commit support.

  • @Rathony - as above.
    – Nij
    Oct 7, 2016 at 7:18

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