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There seems to be some overlap between the territories of Interpersonal Skills StackExchange and The Workplace. Does a question being on-topic for The Workplace automatically render it off-topic for Interpersonal Skills? Does StackExchange have a policy for dealing with "territorial conflicts"?

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Does Stack Exchange have a policy…

Yes, we do. See

Respect the community - your own, and others’

TL;DR version — if two (or more) communities overlap in scope, nobody is granted "exclusive territory" in that topic space over the other. Every site is an island in this respect. We don't gerrymander sites because part of their scope happens to be on topic somewhere else.


Q&A for people who build, repair, train, or commute on bicycles

The Great Outdoors
Q&A for people who love outdoor activities, except bicycling

This would never happen ──────────────⬏


The answer to your first question is no and the second is yes.

The overlap between Interpersonal Skills and Workplace don't seem to be bigger than that between Movies & TV SE and Science Fiction & Fantasy SE. For example, the former has 334 questions under the game-of-throne tag and the latter has 881 questions. There are many other tags that overlap between them.

That means SE doesn't care which topic is asked on which site as long as they are on-topic on each site.

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