The purpose of the example questions is to define what is on-topic, right? I notice that there are badges for high-scoring questions—but none for those ever-so-important edge-case questions. Thus, I propose the following badge:

[bronze/silver] Edge Case: Example question closed as off-topic with 5 or more score

I would also like to propose that this badge be available multiple times—because, well, the more the better!
Additional note: I notice there is no tag here. Why isn't there?

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Thank you for the suggestion. Your idea has merit, but the Area 51 system is in the sunset of its development so we will not be adding additional features/badges to this system until a next-generation system has been developed. You can read the latest on the future of site creation here:

What's going on with Area 51?

It is highly unlikely that a next-generation system will have a concept of "example questions", so I am going to politely decline this feature request so not to leave it unanswered. Thank you again.

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