Proposal: Esperanto Language

For example, in the Duolingo Esperanto Learners group on Facebook we have the hashtag #KOR or "Korektu min" (Correct me) - People can post their content that they've translated into Esperanto, and get corrections, reviews of style, etc.

Might be getting ahead of myself, given the beta looks to be just around the corner, but I think having a similar tag on the new site could be great!

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  • This seems like it should wait for beta. – James Jenkins Aug 15 '16 at 18:20

This type of question is usually postponed to be asked on the actual site, but since you swerved into the nature of SE Q&A's in general, I can offer a bit of insight independent of this particular proposal/site.

In any learning site, we generally do not allow folks to post broad "review requests" unless they involve a very specific question/concern about the content itself. In the context of a language site, we wouldn't allow folks solicit a broad, non-specific reviews of a translation… much like we wouldn't allow folks to request the translation of a passage, without a specific difficult-to-translate problem or idiomatic phrase in its content.

It's not that peer review is inherently unfit, but such reviews are better held in an interactive discussion format which our Q&A is explicitly designed to avoid. In our one-answer Q&A format (where the "correct answer" rises to the top), we would be doing this exercise a terrible disservice where the participants or voters don't actually know if they are helping the author specifically.

Where a peer-review could be useful is in the context of an interactive chat room. Chat rooms are created with the actual site.

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  • Yet there's an entire StackExchange site dedicated to peer code reviews....? – sevenseacat Aug 17 '16 at 2:54

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