When I originally committed to the Esperanto Language proposal, I was a new user with only 51 rep. I have since then gotten over 200 rep both on Area 51 and on Language Learning. The proposal requires 100 people with over 200 rep on any other StackExchange site, which I have now but didn't when I first committed. I think I read somewhere that the system only counts people who had over 200 on another SE site at the time they committed, is that true? Do I need to uncommit and recommit to be counted toward the 100 users with 200+ rep, needed for the proposal? Sorry if this has already been answered; I searched around and didn't find a clear answer on this, so I just wanted clarification.

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Yes, when you gain reputation on other Stack Exchange sites, your "experience" will be added to the ranks of the committed users retroactively.

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