Proposal: Ethical Consumption

Is Ethical Consumption a duplicate of Sustainable Living?


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The consensus over at Sustainable Living seems to be that this is not a duplicate of it as it was originally closed. The focus of SL seems to be more on the environment and less on social issues. This would be focused more on questions and answers related to which companies treat their workers well. I do think there would be some overlap in terms of the environmental concerns of both. I think EC would be a better place for questions about which companies are most environmentally friendly, where SL would be the better place to ask what (other than shopping) one could do on the individual level to be more sustainable (by recycling, using alternatives or doing with out).

  • I am not seeing how a limit of corporate social responsibility is synonymous with ethical consumption. Aug 13, 2011 at 21:49

It seems that this confusion will be immensely confusing for new visitors to either site and will result in ongoing challenges. I would propose that result will be unnecessarily decreased activity and participation in both.

Inevitably people will come to sustainable living and ask questions that understand sustainability to be about more than environmental harmony. Closing all of those questions as off topic will be experienced as very frustrating.

Inevitably people will come to ethical consumption because they are striving to live more sustainability.


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